My work deals with the visible and the invisible, forgetting and remembering … The

picture hides a story. Figures are hidden behind the lines… they are incomplete. The

figures represent memories from childhood that fade and have gaps, but are always

a part of us. The quality of remembering shows that gaps can also reveal space for

beauty through forgetting. The work gives the viewer the freedom to see, feel and

rethink their very own history, resulting in pictures that deliberately differ in color…

On the one hand, a multi-colored variant that seems to feel life with all its diversity,

and on the other – rather sober – a composition of shades of grey and black or light

blue and white.

The painting technique, the quick stroke of the sponge or brush with oil paint, creates

lines in a translucent structure. The lines conceal and create gaps, quite unpredictably.

The layering of the lines expresses movement, dynamism and tension. For

me, lines are ambassadors of order, structure and security. They divide the surface

beyond the format of the canvas in different thicknesses and distances. The lines are

not exact, but rather fragile and different. This imprecision is of great value to me,

nothing is rigid, everything is in motion and in a dynamic process. The true quality

can be sensed through the imperfection of the lines and they are still in progress …

an open source to find out, still.

[ Anja Mamero ]