With this themed exhibition, 18 selected female artists represent the artistic diversity of the regional group GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein, a community association of female artists and art patrons based in Lübeck.
GEDOK is still the largest European network for women artists in the visual, performing and applied arts as well as music and literature. Founded in 1926 by the Hamburg patron of the arts Ida Dehmel, GEDOK now has over 3000 members and is organized as a national association with 23 regional groups.

The most important goal of GEDOK is to support the works and achievements of female artists and to improve the social conditions of their special working and living situations as well as their public perception.
In this way, GEDOK makes an important contribution to equal rights for women in the cultural landscape and in public life and contributes to cohesion, understanding and the shaping of a democratic society.
We wish the exhibition a great response from the public.

Gabriele Pott
– Chairwoman of GEDOk Schleswig-Holstein –