In the gallery at Wilhelminenstra├če 35, the Kiel-based artist Anja Mamero presents her works made of found objects as part of her Master’s studies with Professor Antje Majewski at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts.

Over several years, the artist has turned her gaze to the street and repeatedly discovered things that seemed to have lost their meaning. Wrongly so, as can be seen in the playful arrangements.

For example, over 2500 broken metal bristles from street sweepers, picked up in European cities and arranged as a pulsating band 8 metres long. Or a painting made of 100 plates of picked-up and poetically arranged objects, which have been brought to new life in this way.

The variety of small things can be admired until 16 November 2019 Thurs.-Sat. from 3-6pm.